Mobdro Download App APK Android, iPhone, PC Mobdro

We will provide you a complete guide on Mobdro Download App for Android, iPhone & PC Free. The purpose of writing this blog is to provide a one-stop to get the app information.

The application is an entertainment provider, which streams quality video contents. The contents are available for Android users only. So in simple words, we can say that Mobdro APK is an application which performs video streaming.

Here we will provide you a detailed post on the app. Also, understand the ways to get it for different platforms. There are two versions of this application, and we will read them in the following section.

Mobdro App is a free and fantastic online app in which video streaming allows us to search for required videos from the whole of internet from the device. The app is available for Android, Windows and MAC operating systems.

This application helps us to watch TV shows, Movies, Videos etc on Computer. and other lovable activities.

Let me tell you that mobdro apk is available with a premium as well as free of cost version. It can be used in any desktop like Windows or in phones, android, iPhone, iPad.


Download Mobdro App APK for Android, iPhone & PC

The application is getting highlighted everywhere due to its quality factor, easiness and fast availability which is really awesome, thereby providing us with free video streaming online and making us capable of enjoying it on our device.

Mobdro for Android has various interesting features like bookmarking a video which we like and can also share it, thus providing a massive database where tons of videos can be saved. It also continuously looks for any video present in the internet and store it in its database.

This is one kind of a free application, which provides contents for movies, tv shows, news, sports, etc. Download Mobdro APK is attainable for mobile as well as tablets, and they can be run on PC, Smart TV after doing some settings.

This application i.e Mobdro Download is a one-stop destination for all, who were searching for a particular video content. You may be searching for any one of the contents on the Internet, which you will find in this app. Then why not install the app, and have some fun?

As mentioned before, the Mobdro APK has got two versions of it. One is the free version, and the other one is the premium one. The free version will provide you content for free definitely, while the premium one will include some charges in it.

Mobdro app

With the charges in premium mobdro app, you will get to enjoy different app features with additional content. Not only this, premium account lets the users benefit from the content with good user experience. Premium version has got the ads disabled in it.

The primary purpose of the application is to make the best video sources for the users. The app searches for the free video content, and then display them on your mobile or tablet screen.

Mobdro APK Download for Android

To install Mobdro for Android, you need to have Android version number 4.1 or higher. This app cannot be run on Android version less than 4.1. So make sure you have got the right version number.

The current size of the app is 30MB, and they do not acquire large space on the mobile device. The application can run on Android system devices which include LG, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Sony, Asus, Oppo, etc.

By installing the Mobdro APK for Android, we can enjoy good quality videos on devices. You can enjoy the content online as well as offline by saving the content for watching later.

Talking about installing the app for Android system, this Mobdro Download App is not displayed in Google Play Store. For installing, you need to download the app and run this APK on your Android device.

The following are the processing steps for app installation:

  1. Download Mobdro APK which is provided here. This is the direct link to the official APK file provided on the website.
  2. Now you have to do some security setting on your Android device. So go to the Security option, in the Settings section.
  3. Here you need to Enable installation from unknown sources, to run the APK downloaded in the first step.
  4. You will get a dialogue box asking to confirm the action. Tap on the OK button.
  5. After you are done with Mobdro Download APK, you will find the notification saying that apk download is complete.
    Mobdro APK
  6. Open the file, and there you will get the list of app permissions. And, at the bottom, you will find the Install button. Choose this option.
  7. At this place, the installation begins. And after the installation completes, there you are, all set to use the Mobdro APK.

So, these are the steps for installation, for getting the app on android. Follow them as it is, and enjoy the application for Android version of the software. Now, we will get into the Mobdro APK for Windows.

Mobdro for PC Download Windows 10/8.1/7

There are many people who prefer watching video contents on PC than on the mobile device. Some videos are available for free, while some of the videos are free. You will find that some video contents are in the paid version only.

So this issue will not be faced by the users if they are using Mobdro APK. The task to download the application is to stream video content as per user request and bring it on the Android device screen. The application requires good network connectivity.

One should download Mobdro on PC as it has got many benefits, which include doing multiple tasks at the same time. You can easily check out other video contents, and also check out the newly launched game online. You could also do your office work, and work on the app simultaneously.

Mobdro App cannot be directly installed on Windows since it is only for Android devices. But you can get the app running on Windows platform with the help of emulators. There are many emulators provided; we will use the Bluestacks emulator here.

Mobdro for PC

Emulator are those software things; that let you play Android apps on PC. These emulators can be used for both Windows as well as Mac. If you want to install any app which has no official version for PC, then you can make use of emulator for this purpose. This was you can do mobdro download with other emulator programs.

This version is best suited for Windows PC; Mobdro APK is still a question for Windows Phone. So, Windows PC will do the job for all. Using the emulator is easy to do the task. We will provide you complete steps for installation here.

Here we will list out the steps for installing the Mobdro for Windows operating system. And they are as follows:

  1. First, you have to install the Bluestacks application for PC. Click on the LINK, and directly install the software. Follow the instructions, and complete the process.
  2. After the Bluestacks is all set on your PC, download the APK file. You will find the official link for this file HERE.
  3. Save this APK at a locatable place on your PC.
  4. Now you to run the downloaded APK file, and open it using the Bluestacks Player.
  5. The process of installation should start away. It may take around 10-30 seconds for the installation to end.
  6. There you go, the app is now installed on your PC. Run the app and have fun!

Therefore, Mobdro APK is all set on your Windows system. For accessing this application, open the Bluestacks software. Then go to the All Apps section, and there you will find the Bluestacks app option.

Double-click on the app, and you will find the app running on your PC. So you have to maintain the Bluestacks well, to enjoy the Mobdro App on your Windows operating system.

Thus you can enjoy free video content using this Mobdro Download for PC. Also, you can opt for the premium version, where you will be able to have AD-free entertainment on the app.

Mobdro Download for iPhone or iPad (iOS)

The next topic is the App for the iPhone/iPad users. Using the emulator software, you can setup the application on Mac. Emulators can be set on Windows as well as Mac systems.

If you wish to install useful application for iPhone mobile, then you can install this app which is an allrounder one. The contents available on Mobdro Download include news, games, movies, sports, music, and much more.

Guide to download Mobdro for iPhone from here.

As of now, users can’t download Mobdro App is not made for iOS users. You can hope for the release of the application for iPhone as well as iPad platforms. To solve this, you can make use of other similar apps which are present for iOS system.

Mobdro for iPhone

Some of the apps which provide services similar to the Mobdro Download include Hotstar, Mivo, Netflix, Showbox, etc. We will provide you a short description of each of these apps here.

Hotstar-> This app has been trending for quite some time now, and people also love it. It can be run on different platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, and also for PC. You can get access to movies, TV shows, and drama on it.

Mivo-> This app is used for live streaming content, and also get access to Live TV channels. You will get to use around 40 channels on this app. The contents included in this are, music channels, entertainment, movie, news, and much more, its very much similar to Mobdro for iPhone.

Netflix-> This is the best platform for watching live TV shows and movies in HD quality. It allows the user to watch the famous TV shows, seasons, series, and even classic movies anytime, anywhere without any interruption. The only issue with this is that they are offering their services worldwide.

Showbox-> They are famous for streaming movies for Android devices. You will also find TV show contents here. For getting the app run on PC, you will require the emulator setting to be done. After that, you will enjoy the Showbox contents on your PC as well. I consider this application as a true alternative of Mobdro for Android smartphone.

So these are some of the major options that iOS users can choose from. These are the applications which provide similar service like the Mobdro APK option.

Mobdro Chromecast: How to Install App on Chromecast

The developers of the app founded the best combination. They decide to join the use of Chromecast along with the Mobdro download. This came as a surprise to the users, and all are people thinking about the fun dose they are going to have.

With Chromecast and Mobdro APK working together, one can enjoy many movie and TV Show contents simply by being at home. You just need to connect the Chromecast to the TV USB Port, and some work on the software application on your television.

There are many benefits of using the Chromecast. One of them is, you will get to enjoy content which has an excellent picture and audio quality. Also, the developers of Mobdro App have never disappointed us and has kept their users with awesome updates.

Mobdro Chromecast

Installation of the Mobdro Chromecast is easy to do the task and a quick one too. For getting the Mobdro on Chromecast can be done by following some steps. And these steps are explained in the following section:

I. Before starting the setup, you need to make sure that you have Mobdro APK set on your Android device. This device could preferably be a PC for this installation. If you wish to have a valid process, then visit the official website of this application.

So this is the only way if you wish to have a legit version of the app running on your PC and TV system.

II. Now visit the official website of the Mobdro Download App, and there you will find the Download button. This button will help in downloading the app on the system which you are using. Click on this option, and the download process will begin here.

III. You will get a message saying that the download is completed. Thus you have set the Mobdro APK on your platform. Visit the Home Screen, and there you will get the icon with the app name.

IV. Click on this icon, and let the application start. And thus the app is installed now. This may take some couple of minutes here, so do not the processing in between.

Therefore, Mobdro is set! But the complete setup does not end here. You need to configure the Chromecast now, and then you will be ready to enjoy video contents. The steps for configuring is given in the section below which will help you to get Mobdro Download on Chromecast device.

  • Connect the Chromecast with your device first. Here the device could be TV or PC. Then turn the device ON. After the device is started, Mobdro APK will detect the Chromecast device connected in the system network.
  • Click on the Chromecast option, and there you go! You will get the connection done between the Chromecast and device.
  • Now all the channels which are available will be displayed on the screen through Mobdro for Android. And you can enjoy now! Also, you can connect devices to the system and control the system using your mobile phone too.
  • Almost all the languages will be displayed here. But if you find some issue with the content, then make sure that you have a good internet connection as Mobdro App runs best on wifi.
  • Once the Chromecast connects back from some issue, then you will get the contents back on the system.

There ends the app  and chromecast setup. We will now get into the Mobdro on Kodi, and some other related concept.

Mobdro for Kodi: How to use App on Kodi

We will begin with a brief intro on the Kodi software. This platform allows the users enjoy streaming content which includes movies, sports, news and all the multimedia content. You have to use the Mobdro for Kodi, the same way you use the smartphone platform.

After you have connected both the Kodi and Mobdro, you will be able to get many contents. You will get a search tool within it, and in that there are many categories. Each group includes many materials.

Mobdro for Kodi

The steps need to be followed for setting up the Mobdro Kodi App is explained as follows:

  1. Launch the Kodi application initially.
  2. Select the SYSTEM tab which is seen on the home page itself. Within this header, you will find the File Manager sub-option. Click on that.
  3. Then you have to choose the Add Source choice (here we are going to add Mobdro App)
  4. A window will be displayed. Click on the None tab, and here you have to enter a web address. The website location is Enter this as it is, and continue.
  5. Following this, you will have to give a name to the media source. Enter the name as per your choice, and then save the file.
  6. Now visit the start screen of the Kodi system. (This is the must step to install Mobdro on Kodi)
  7. Tap on the SYSTEM tab again. Now opt for the Settings in the sub-menu choices.
  8. Select the Add-ons option from the left column which is visible on the extreme left.
  9. After this, click on the Install using the zip file option, and proceed.
    Also See: How to install Mobdro App on Firestick?
  10. Here you will find a list of files and folder names. Search for the file that you saved in the step number 5.
  11. After you have located the file, click on that.
  12. Now choose the file named as, shown in the next step. At this point, the addon installation will start.
  13. After the process gets completed, you will get a notification saying that the addon is enabled on the system.
  14. Click on the notification now. In the next step, you have to click on the Get Addons or the option Install using the repository.
  15. Then select the AH Add-on Repository which is listed here.
  16. Choose the Video Addons option.
  17. There you will get the Mobdro option.
  18. Then get the Install button which is visible at this stage.
  19. After waiting for some time, you will get a notification that the addon is enabled now.

This way you have installed the Mobdro Download on Chromecast. Follow each step carefully, and then get the application running on Kodi.

Mobdro Premium APK Download for Android

There are many concepts which have been discussed till now, and now we will understand some facts related to the Mobdro APK Premium feature. Well the app is also available for Android devices.

We have discussed the app installation methods on various platforms till now. Now we will provide you with the types of App Versions that we have got for Mobdro Download. One version is the free version, and the other is the Premium one.

The next version is the paid one, and it is known as Mobdro APK Premium. As mentioned before, the app is not in the Google Play Store. Instead, you have to get the APK file. Then this file is run on the destination device.

After you get the file, you need to change the Security setting on the device. Tick the option which allows installation from unknown sources. Uncheck this option after the installation completes.

Talking about the Mobdro Premium APK, this version of the app may cost you some dollars in a year. Some of the unique features of this version include you can enjoy ad-free content on this. Also, you could download your favorite videos.

After downloading, you could watch the videos even offline. So these are some of the major features present in the Mobdro APK Premium feature. Also, you can get access to the contents on more than one device, but the condition here is that you need to access the same amount on all of them.

If you are already using Mobdro App and wish to get this Premium version, then you need to opt for the choice Go Premium. You will find this option in the navigation list, and make sure that you are signing in using the same account which you were using in the free version.

Now we will get into the features of the Premium APK in the next topic.

Best Mobdro Alternatives App (Similar):

This app is undoubtedly one among the top video streaming content currently. But unfortunately, the app is not present on some platforms. This application is not compatible with the iOS system, both the iPhone as well as the Mac platform.

Using this app, you could enjoy streaming content like entertainment programs, news, TV series, movies, sports, etc. Now talking about the Smartphones, and Tablets these systems are mainly made for providing such contents in a more handy way.

Now, as said before the Mobdro APK is not available for some systems. One of them is the iOS system. As a solution to this, we have brought some other alternative apps which can be installed. These apps provide content in a similar way to that of the Mobdro Download.

Apps like Mobdro

  • Netflix: This is a streaming software which allows the user to watch content directly from their website. It works on the online platform, which has got the Netflix app on it. So you can enjoy much content on this application.
  • Cinema Box: It is a recently released software is the Cinema Box. This is working fine with both the Android and iOS devices. Using this, one can watch TV shows and also movies in HD quality for free. This is the best app like Mobdro for Android and you will like it for sure.
  • Mivo: You can watch you favorite TV show on this app, and explore all the 50 channels presented to you by the Indonesian content. Also, they are providing Remove-Ads features, for which you need to subscribe separately. If you are not able to install or download Mobdro app then this is the best alternative application I can recommend.
  • Crackle: The next alternative app is the Crackle. They are providing content for free. There is one feature called ‘Always On’ present in this, which auto-plays your favorite content.
  • PlayBox: You can install the official app of the PlayBox for your iOS devices. They provide content which includes movies, cartoons, TV shows, and also anime in HD quality. This is also considered as good alternative to Mobdro App.
  • Hotstar: This is one among the most popular applications for watching Live TV content, TV serials, movies, and much more. Contents of more than seven languages are available on this software.

These are some of the many alternative apps that can be used instead of the Mobdro APK. For those, who can’t get the app on their device, can make use of any of the above-listed software.

Mobdro App Features:

We will check out the main functionalities included in the app. Features will also list out the easy functions that you can perform within the Mobdro APK. The features are listed as follows:

Mobdro for Android

  • Discover- You can discover many video contents on this app, without any barrier of region and language. Thus you can stream content from anywhere in the world.
  • Share- You can freely recommend videos to your friends, and also share the videos so that people know which video you are currently watching.
  • Bookmark- You can organize the video content on this Mobdro APK, and also add bookmarks. These bookmarks will help in getting the content more easily. Here you can use the filter option too, which will filter out contents according to language/topic.
  • Capture- This feature does for the free version Mobdro Download. Only accessible by the premium users. Using this feature, you can download your favorite streams, and save it. Then you will be able to watch the content offline too. The content will be present at any time, and any place.
  • Is it safe and legal to use.

So these are the key features which are there in the Mobdro APK. We will also list out the other features of the Mobdro App, and they are as follows:

  1. You will get video content from many sites; that is from all around the globe.
  2. The app fetches free video content and displays on the device screen.
  3. You will find news content from various channels like BBC, FOX News, CNN, and others.
  4. Once you download Mobdro App you can watch live content related to news, events, entertainment shows, etc.
  5. You can make use of the Search option, to discover new videos.
  6. Use the bookmark feature, to save any favorite video channel or content in Mobdro for Android App.
  7. Get the ‘Share’ feature too, which will let you share content with your friends.
  8. The premium version of the app is AD-free. On this version, you can download videos, and watch it in the offline mode too.

So these are the various features and functions that can be performed using the Mobdro APK. In the following section, we will understand the steps for installing the app for various operating systems and platforms.

Features of Mobdro Premium APK

Talking about the Premium App, this is a new way of enjoying streaming video content for Android devices. You can access the content, and watch it on mobile as well as PC system. The contents that can be displayed here include movies, music, sports, and much more.

People mostly prefer the free version of the mobdro download application. But if you wish to have the best experience using the app, then you can go with the Premium package. This version of the app requires some payment to be done monthly.

While you are on the free version, you can enjoy free video content. Whereas, on the Premium version, you have to pay some dollars monthly and get to enjoy many features. The many features included in the Premium version will be listed in this section.

The features of Mobdro Premium App are as follows:

  • Ad-free Content> The Premium version of the Mobdro APK is free from all kinds of ads in it. Here you have to make some payment initially, which is a minimal amount. Thus more clear user interface is present in this version. Thus making convenient for the user.
  • Chromecast Support> This feature is solely available on the Premium type of the Mobdro APK. So if you have got a Chromecast at your home, then switching your package to the Premium is recommended. And thus, you will be able to get access to many extra contents using this setting.
  • Sleep Timer> In this Mobdro Premium version, you can set the timer and relax watching your favorite video. Thus, you do not have to worry about the battery loss the next day. And you could enjoy your favorite content, without much worry at night.
  • Video Download> You will get the feature of saving or downloading your favorite video. And this video can be watched without the need for network connection.

So these are the various features provided by the Mobdro Download Premium version. So if you wish to have these super features on your video streaming application, then Go Premium.

Mobdro not working: FAQs

In this section, we will provide with some of the FAQs by the users. The issues reported can be related to error solving, Mobdro Premium App uses, Security and Permissions. We will check out them now.

Parse Error 

This error is displayed if the right Android version is not used. Mobdro Download requires Android version 4.1 or higher. So if you try installing the app on a version lower than 4.1, you will come across this Parse Error message. Mobdro not working error guide.

Mobdro FAQ

‘Start on Boot’ Permission Request

This permission is needed by the app, as it checks for any updates in the boot section. The other way of checking for updates is to visit the Settings > Updates. Less amount of battery is used up for this operation.

Premium on Multiple Devices

Yes, you can set up the Mobdro App Premium version on multiple devices. The only condition is that you need to log in to the same account purchased by you.

Streams disappearing from the list

The streams never disappear. Here the app works in such a way that it displays only the available contents. So if you come across any content one day, and it was not visible the other day, this means that the content is not online now. When the content is sent into a visible mode, this will appear in the Mobdro Download channel list.

Personal Data:

The app maintain the right privacy of the information provided as the developers of Mobdro App are not interested in the personal life of their users.  Also, they do not have any access to the personal data provided on your device.

Go Premium Use

Some of the users who already had the Mobdro APK Premium purchased found it difficult to start using this. After you have purchased the Premium feature, you need to enable it on the app as well. Choose the Go Premium option, and then tap on the I’ve already purchased. Account verification will be done, and there you go!

So these are some of the frequently asked doubts by the users. And we tried our best to solve some of them, and have explained them in an easy and understandable manner.

Mobdro Download

How to use Mobdro Download App?

It is one the top recommended video streaming channels. And if you wish to use the app rightly, then you need to follow some way here. You will find content related to many topics on this app. If you haven’t installed Mobdro App yet, then you are missing a lot of fun.

Some user complaints were registered, saying that they are getting ‘Can’t Play Video’ error. To solve this, try choosing the 3rd or 4th link from among the search results. This is because there is a possibility that the first links may not always be working. So try skipping the first two links.

Hope you loved this post on Mobdro Download APK for Android, iPhone and PC for Free. If you are facing any issue with the app installation or working, then let us know in the comment section. For more similar updates, follow us on Mobdro App.